UNSOLVED Multicast sessions disappearing

  • Hey

    Does anyone have an idea when the disappearance of multicast sessions in FOG 1.5.4 will be solved (see post https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/12180/multicast-sessions-disappearing).

    Will this be in the next stable release? If so, when would this come?

    For the time being I am dealing with this by increasing the multicast sleeptime. Which of course is not an ideal solution. Since we have a production environment at the company, I can / may not use the working branch.


  • Senior Developer

    @Dominique From what it reads in the other post the issue seems fixed in the working branch and I have done some minimal multicast test lately.

    The FOG dev Team is not very strong at the moment as people have other important things on their private schedule and can’t put as much time into FOG. So I can’t promise you a date for the next release yet. But I think it’s not that far away.

    If you use FOG in your company you might think about helping out in the FOG team to make things go a bit faster. One way to help is by answering questions in the forums. Or even get involved in coding and testing.