• Good morning, I’m trying to clone my images in the storage server and not in my main server, but when I clone the SO the images are saved in both servers /images path.
    How could I clone my images only in my storage server and not in my main server?
    PD: I have only 50gb disk space in my main so I need to find a solution to have my server correctly mounted.

  • @george1421 thank you!!!

  • Moderator

    By design FOG only captures images to the master node in any storage group. You can do what you want, but its unsupported and limits you in a few ways.

    First the answer. In your storage group where you have the main and storage node. Change the roles, make your master server a storage node and the actual storage node the master node. You will need to confirm to ensure that images captured to your actual storage node only stay on the actual storage node (I don’t think fogimagereplicator server runs on a storage node install). What we want prevent is the actual storage node to send its images back to the master fog server.

    I this configuration where in the configuration the roles are reversed you will only be able to have 1 storage node since images should not replicate out of that node. You may also have issues with multicasting images (I have not tested this as of now). Normal unicast imaging and deployment will work as intended even if this configuration is unsupported.