SOLVED redhat/ missing a pre-requisite

  • Hi All. It’s been a while. Good to see fog still going strong. I just finished installing fog 1.5.4 on a new fresh Mageia 6 (64) and nearly had a flawless install. Except for one hick-up. For the prerequisites, there is one addition and one removal needed on the line containing the list of packages. First, we need to add “php-curl” to the list of other php extensions listed. Somehow that one was missed.

    The next change is something I’m not sure what to think about. In the same list of packages, liblzma-devel is included. For 64-bit Mageia systems that should be lib64lzma-devel. However, after looking at it, I really wonder if it’s needed at all. It’s just the C header files for lzma compression. It also provides the xz-development C-header files of the xz-devel packages for CentOS/Redhat line.

    I can’t think of what fog would need with the lzma-devel or xz-devel headers for. Does anyone else see a reason to have them as a prerequisite for installing fog? If there are no objections, I would recommend removing those entries.

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    @syschuck I just stumbled upon this post again as I have been thinking about removing Mageia from the installer scripts altogether. But seems like you are still using it. As I have not heard back from you since my last answer I lost track of this and forgot to add php-curl.

    I just added php-curl and removed liblzma-devel for Mageia installs. Will be in the next release.

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    @syschuck Thanks for reporting. Seems like we don’t have many users on Mageia and therefore didn’t notice this was missing. On CentOS curl module included in PHP - no need to install an extra package. There simply is non (full package list here).

    But for Mageia it seems like php-curl is an extra package (ref). What kind of issues exactly do you see when the package is not installed?

    I had a look through our git repo history and couldn’t really figure out why php-curl wasn’t added for redhat/centos/mageia. But we didn’t have any issues reported from people installing FOG in CentOS lately

    Those liblzma-devel/lzma-devel/xz-devel packages were added when I put together a script to compile iPXE binaries (ref). Back then we wanted to get HTTPS support into FOG and the only possible way to get this running is to compile iPXE binaries including your very own SSL certificates. At that point we thought about not providing pre compiled iPXE binaries anymore but build those while installing FOG but we never got to that as compiling all those binaries takes a fair amount of time and we didn’t want to impose that on everyone installing FOG…