• Hi All - we got new Dell Latitude 7390’s 2 in one and they do not have a network card therefore cannot utilize the onboard NIC for PXE Boot.

    Is there an alternative to get PXE Boot to come up? Possible by USB C dock or an adapter? Any insight on this or has anyone tried this yet?

  • Senior Developer

    @msaglioc99 We have numerous people using USB network adapters to boot devices like tablets and so on. Probably some USB C adapter should work. But be aware that it needs drivers in the Dell BIOS/UEFI firmware to be able to PXE boot from a USB adapter. Easier said than done as there is usually no information about this available.

    So you can either start buying different adapters and test to see which is working or you can ask Dell to tell you. If you find one there is still a big hurdle to take because PXE booting also means iPXE and Linux kernel needs to have a driver. From experience we know what more often than not drivers are available within iPXE/kernel! But we do see issues with buggy firmware from time to time that prevents from PXE booting even though.

    Just for your information, it is possible but I guess you need to start trying it out and see what you get. Let us know if you get stuck at some point and we will try to help you!