Intermittent error 504

  • @george1421

    Found it, let me give it a run and see how it goes, thanks for the help.

  • Moderator

    @Kagashe Let me start with the standard response.

    Lets assume is the issue we’ve found after FOG 1.5.4 has been released.

    1. Change to the /etc directory from the fog server linux command prompt.
    2. Search for www.conf file. It can be in a number of locations depending on what version of php is installed. Use this command.
      find /etc -name www.conf (hopefully you will only find one)
    3. Search for php_admin_value[memory_limit] = 32M. It should have a comment mark in front of the line. Remove the comment mark and replace 32MB with 256MB. Your entry should look like below.
    php_admin_value[memory_limit] = 256M
    1. Save and exit your text editor.
    2. Reboot the fog server.
    3. See if that fixes what is wrong. You really should only see this strangeness under heavy load, but I guess it might show up sooner under certain conditions.

    That should address the gateway timeout issue under load.

  • Hi George,

    FOG is on 1.5.4 running on Ubuntu 16.04.
    Where do i have to make the adjustment?

  • Moderator

    What version of FOG are you running? I see you are running ubuntu from the error message, what version is ubuntu?

    If its fog 1.5.3 or 1.5.4 there is a setting adjustment we need to make to php-fpm that should address your issue.

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