SOLVED Invalid Username & Password for FOG Host Interfaces

  • Hello,

    We have just set up a FOG server (version 1.5.4) and are having a problem figuring out what the username and password would be to do tasks like quick register a host, deploying an image from the full host registration, setting up multitasking etc. The usernames and passwords we use to login to the Dashboard do not work for this. We have tried default usernames and passwords we found online like: fog and password. This didn’t work. We are at a lost as to what this could be.

    It would be very handy if we could use this feature from the full host registration interface. Any help you can give is appreciated.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I wish this was the case, but unfortunately, it isn’t. I just booted up a machine to give it a try, because I’m willing to try anything and it did not work. I typed my password in the username box to see how it was coming out and it was correct. I was wondering if there was some permission we need to set up for a user to be able to use this. I even tried using the defaulted fog user that is listed and that password, but again it didn’t work.

    However, I just tried using the account we set up in Linux and it worked, although I was sure I tried it last week and it didn’t work, but maybe our system admin rebooted the server while I was out to make the changes take effect. It is now working.

    Thank you for your response. I am enjoying FOG so far, it is much faster than the KACE 2000 client we were using before. In today’s IT world speed is necessary.

  • Senior Developer

    @Naline It is the username and password you use to login to the web UI dashboard as well. But possibly it’s a matter of typing the right keys. For example on a German keyboard we have Z and Y in reverse to the english keyboard. Just try keys out when typing the username to see which one is which.