• I do not know if this question has already been asked. But I could not find it. We currently have a server running and it does not have such a large hard drive. Would it be possible to forward the images through webdav?

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    @Daan To use FOG within a proxmox OpenVZ container you need to make sure NFS is loaded an enabled on the host system first:

    # lsmod | grep nfsd
    nfsd                  312315  14
    # grep nfsd /proc/filesystems
    nodev   nfsd

    Now enable NFS for the container as well ($CONTAINER_ID is just a variable, put in the real ID of your container):

    # vzctl stop $CONTAINER_ID
    # vzctl set $CONTAINER_ID --feature  nfsd:on --save
    # vzctl start $CONTAINER_ID

    As well make sure to set the network up as bridge (veth instead of venet) so wake on lan and multicast will work properly.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Is there some tutorial for?

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    @Daan Yes it is possible. I have done it at my last working place. BUT it need some playing with the settings to get FOG’s NFS shares to work!!!

  • Thank you for the reply. Is it possible to run FOG on proxmox?

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    @Daan Can you possibly just add another hard drive to the server? You could move all your images to that new bigger drive and mount that as /images so FOG won’t even notice.

    If you really wanna use network shard disk space I’d suggest doing it the proper way and use iSCSI.

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    No webdav is not supported. You can either add an additional hard drive to the fog server, or setup a new fog server as a storage node. Unfortunately under normal conditions NAS devices are no longer supported by FOG.

    You can use a NAS as long as it is the only device to store captured images (i.e. fog storage nodes can’t be used in the future) plus its not a supported configuration by the developers. That doesn’t mean it won’t work, it just not a configuration the developers are willing to support.