UNSOLVED Can't PXE boot from secondary network port if primary is connected to network

  • I have several systems with a 4-port network card that I am using to PXE boot these systems. If I put the (PXE network) network cable into the first port on the network card (regardless if there are any other network cables plugged in), it will PXE boot without issue. If I put that same cable into any other port with no other network cables connected, the system will PXE boot without issue, regardless of which port is used. If I connect the first port on the card to a different network and then connect the PXE network to the second port, the PXE boot hangs asking for the TFTP server. Because I don’t control the network, I can’t put the PXE server on the other network, but in order for remote users to connect these systems, the system needs to have the primary network port connected to the network that I have no control over and the PXE server connected to the secondary network. The remote users need to be able to have these systems PXE boot without physical access to the systems, so switching network cables back and forth is not an option either.

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    The way both iPXE and FOS work is it will stop searching when it finds an ‘up’ interface. So if you want it to pxe boot place the pxe boot network in the first interface position and then use the second or what ever else for the network where you have no control.

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    @enswafford I am fairly sure this is an issue with how we have scripted out iPXE binary to work. Take a look at the script here. Your case seems very special so I don’t think we can include that in our general iPXE script. But you can just build your own iPXE binaries (see wiki here) and add a custom script to suite your needs.

    Feel free to ask specific questions if you have issues with building or scripting.