Static client IP assignment possible?

  • I searched the wiki and the forum but found no information - if I missed it please point me to it.

    I have a fog server 0.32 up and running perfectly, the clients obtain their ip addresses from an external DHCP server (pfSense router appliance) serving multiple vlans/subnets. Is there a possibility to automatically change the IP settings of the Win7 clients after imaging to a static setting, perhaps using FOG Service?

    If not, is it possible to use the FOG DHCP server to always assign the same ip address to the same client? Perhaps pfSense could then be reconfigured to forward DHCP requests to the FOS server.

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    I believe the IP address field is going away in FOG 0.33. It was meant for documentation purposes back when FOG was mainly used to image desktop machines.

    I would use the current dhcp server to assign static IP based on mac if it’s a possible. If not, turn of DHCP on that and use FOG. It will allow you to assign the same address to each machine based on the mac.

  • FOG just uses the normal dhcpd server. You can edit it to provide fixed IP addresses based on mac addresses no problem. dhcpd server can also update bind.

  • Also dynamic DNS integration would be nice. I.e. new hosts are automatically added to bind dns.

  • +1 for this. What’s the point of having the IP address field in host management if it’s not for setting static IPs?