UNSOLVED FOG settings for Newbie

  • Hello everyone,
    First off, I am a noob in networks and scripting, so I would like to apologize in advance if my topic was already treated at some point, I did not find any related to my needs.
    I work in a company in which everyone swears only by Windows, so I decided to set a solution that would work on linux just to prove them wrong.
    I would like to use FOG for decomissioned computer that will be returned to the broker of my company, for which each computer the session will be saved by making an image of the HD that will be quarantined for a certain period of time on a NAS, then the HD will need to be wiped using 3 random pass in DBAN before deploying a basic Windows image.
    My main deal is to set FOG in order for it to do these actions automatically, which means that I would just have to click once and would then be warned that it is all done.
    So far, I have managed to install FOG on a CentOS 7 system, using a layer 2 switch.
    Does anyone have some links to give me or some piece of advice on how and what to configure?
    Thank you so very much.

  • Hello Sebastian!
    Just realized my response stayed as a draft for this long.
    Thank you so much for this very useful pieces of advice. I will look into that.
    To be honnest, scripting was on my list of skills to develop and improve on a short term scale and that is the perfect occasion to do so!
    I shall get back to you when I have moved forward enough.

  • Senior Developer

    @6rilT FOG is probably not the perfect tool but don’t let this push you away from it. Just wanted to say this right from the start. I still think that it is possible to achieve what you are trying as FOG can most if not all of these things. Just doing all of them in one sequence without interaction is not what FOG was made for. So I reckon you need to get into scripting to get what you want. Either that or you may just start by using a time scheduled row of tasks to run these tasks in a row.

    Have you captured your first image yet? I’d advise you to get into playing with FOG to see what it can do. From there you might want to take a look at cron-style scheduled jobs. If that is not enough, you want to read through the FOG API: https://news.fogproject.org/simplified-api-documentation/