UNSOLVED Migrating Images v1.44 to v1.54

  • Manually copied images to new storage nodes and added image entries, but when we try to use the old images we get this error:

    We stood up a new Fog server and storage nodes because we didn’t have time to migrate everything at once or to clean up the old database. Now the old manually copied images produce errors about “No image files found that would match the partitions to be restored”.

    I see in our new captured images there is content in a number of the d1. files that is blank in the old images. Is there a way to fix the old images, or is a deploy old and capture new my best option?

  • Senior Developer

    @ablohowiak Maybe play with the image settings (e.g. Image Type and Image Manager) might make those images work again. As we don’t know your settings it’s just a wild guess. But if the images worked on your 1.4.4 server they should work on 1.5.4 just as well if you get the image settings right.