Capture/Deploy to target computers using Intel Rapid Storage (onboard) RAID Using RAID1

  • I have a total of 85 machines that are all identical that I need to deploy an image on. I have sucessfully been able to Capture and Deploy an image but all of these machines have an Intel RST Raid using Raid 1 for Mirror. I followed the post on Raid 0, however I was unsuccessful. I must also add that I am completely green when it comes to Linux so please bear with me.

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    There should be no functional differences between capturing and deploying to raid-1 vs raid-0. FOS should deploy properly to both. If you think, you are able to deploy raid-1 and its OK you might want to ensure that your array is intact.

    I could understand how it might deploy in a raid-1 situation and fail in a raid-0 because of the way the intel raid works, in that it presents the disks as individual regular disks (/dev/sda & /dev/sdb) AND the array disk (/dev/md126).

    I wrote a tutorial on how to configure FOS to deploy to systems using the intel raid array disks here:

    Did you use this method to deploy to the raid-1 systems?

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    @caveman So let’s start with the basics. Which FOG version are you on? What Linux OS? Which post on RAID 0 did you follow? Why was it unsuccessful? Please post exact error messages, best take a picture of what you think is an error on the client screen.

    You are saying that you were able to “Capture and Deploy an image” to those machines but overall it sounds like it does not work?! Please be more specific/clear.