Network 'Bonding' with FOG ?

  • Hi all!
    I have on my mind setting up on my FOG server as "bonding ".

    I want use 2 Gibabit Ethernet Ports on FOG and 2 Different Switches on same network.

    See Image below.

    FOG support this feature? or exist a way to do that? or completely crazy impossible? :)

    I am using FOG 1.5.4 + Ubuntu 18.4.01 LTS Server

    PS: sorry my ‘englishing’, i hope I can transmitt the write message.

  • Moderator

    First let me say that FOG will not work as you have it defined. FOG will only image using a single IP address on the FOG server. Your FOG server can have more than one network interface but will only image using a single IP address.

    I know I’m mixing what I’m saying. FOG does support network bonding (using two or more physical network interfaces to add additional lanes of bandwidth). But those bonded interfaces MUST have a single IP address assigned. And typically the bonded interfaces go to a single network switch.

    Your drawing appears you want a multi-homed FOG server (multi-homed means multiple network interfaces each with their own IP address). That is not supported for FOG imaging.

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