Fog Server not working on a Cisco 24-Port Managed Switch

  • I have a FOG Server set up on a isolated network and have it set up to image computers connected to a 24 port managed Cisco Switch. However when I PXE boot the machines, they pull a IP from the DHCP and I go through to deploy the image and then it says Starting eth0 interface udhcpc sending discover, udhcpc sending discover, udhcpc sending discover, and then fails. I figure this is because it is having trouble connecting to the server through the switch because it work fine when I use it with a regular 5-port Linksys Switch. Any advice on how to get the machines to image through the Cisco Switch?

  • I went through exactly this problem on my network, I use a Cisco Catalyst 2960 X, which solved it was to configure spanning-tree on all ports, and configure portfast on all but the trunk port (since we use more than one DHCP here). Good Luck!

  • @dseecharran22 This has been a common problem for years for those with managed switches.
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    Try to turn off fast-spanning-tree.