• Hi. I am currently running fog 1.5 and am experiencing something odd. When I create an image and then try to deploy that image onto another computer I get an error and it wants to reboot just right before it is ready to deploy it. Then I go back to the image on the fog server and it now has a size of 0.00 gig and I am unable to use the image. Everytime I do this it bricks the image I want to use and says that the image size is 0.00 gig. What could be causing this. Thanks in advance James

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    @jpaul Ok that error is saying it can’t find the image to deploy. (btw: excellent picture having the kernel variables will help to debug this issue).

    Can you post the output of this command. You will need to key it into the linux console of the FOG server. ls -la /images

  • Here is the image of error message right before i deploy … 0_1535736449339_IMAG1821 (800x452).jpg

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    Can you capture a clear image of the error taken with a mobile phone? If so, please post the image here so we can see the context of the error.