SOLVED ERROR 1068: FOG CLIENT NO START Windows Version 1803; Fog Client Version Client Version: 0.11.16

  • Winver 1803 I am getting an error when trying to start the Fog Service on the local pc manually because it is not starting on its own…when I go to start the Service I get Error 1068: The Dependency service or group failed to start

  • I find the service that wasn’t lauched. “service de la passerelle de la couche application”
    Fog Service is ok and computer joined domain


    Here are dependency
    fog service.PNG fog service2.PNG

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    @phm2000 I didn’t know we even have a dependency to other services!! Can you take a look at the details of the FOGService and post a picture of the dependencies shown.

  • Hi

    I have same error with windows 10 1909
    DNS client is started

    fog 1.5.9 rc2, client 0.12

    Any idea?

  • Good idea because i found my issue; NOT from the log file but pilfering through my Services I seen that DNS Client was not running…this MAY be a Windows 1803 Issue to watch for…I started the DNS Client and WALLA!!!

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    While I’m no help with fixing the FOG client, there should be a fog client log either in the root directory or in the fog client directory. That may give you more insight to the required dependencies.