• can you deploy image to smaller target disk (SSD or HDD) ? or it has to be same like source disk where the images came from ?

  • I will try it out and post update here.
    All our disks have 2 partitions. which are created by windows when it was installed. system reserved 100MB & rest is 😄 drive. here are pictures i took from FOG…could you help me select correct options. it’s bit confusing for me. our FOG version is 1.5.4

    1_1535473437005_3.PNG 0_1535473437004_2.PNG

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    @mpatel FOG is able to deploy to a smaller target disk. First you need to set the image type to “resizable” when creating the image definition in the web UI. Then capture the image. Changing the image type of an existing image does not work! Now depending on your partition layout you can simply deploy this resizable image to a smaller target disk. But there are many culprits and it doesn’t always just work out of the box. Just give it a try and post here in the forums again if you have an issue. Post FOG version, and pictures of the error.