UNSOLVED Advanced tasks are not queued

  • FOG Version 1.5.4
    bzImage Version 4.15.2 (because of Multicast-Problems with newest Kernel)
    init.xz and init_32.xz (bugfixed Version - “runFixparts”-Problem)

    If I want to start a Advanced Task for a group (e.g. WakeUp, Single Snapin), these Tasks are not queued and therefore not executed. What surprises me is the fact, that the Advanced Task “All Snapins” does work correctly. That’s a little bit confusing to me.

    In an earlier Installation of the FOG Server I could wake up all members of the same group without any problems. I also could queue and execute any Basic Task (incl. Single Snapin) for the whole group. Maybe you know the problem and can help me to solve it in our environment.

    By the way: FOG-Server is realy realy great! Many thanks go to all developers, partners and friends of this project. Keep it up!

  • Senior Developer

    @maxi-mumm Any errors you get in the apache error log when scheduling a group task?