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  • we completed setting up FOG in CentOs7 in VM. we assigned 250GB hard drive space. now when i opened up FOG webpage i noticed Storage Node Disk Usage where it shows 46.35 free and 3.63 used. is this a location where images will be saved ?

    if so 46.35 GB won’t be enough. why would it only shows that much. how can i increase it ?

  • Tom, Thank you so much for help on this. it did work. i noticed on Fog dashboard. disk space shows 190gb.

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    @mpatel A simple method would be:

    sudo mv /images /home/images
    sudo ln -s /home/images /images

  • can i not move /images to /home ? this will solve the issue i think.

    currently /images shows up under root.

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    @mpatel If you have a linux admin at your location then I would contact them, because you could login issues since you are changing the user’s home directory. It can be done, but if you are not taking care, logins will be disabled and the server will be lost.

    The second method is to wipe your server and reload linux. This time don’t let the system pick the partition table, but allow it to set the defaults then you go in and change 1 thing. The linux installer by default will create a 50GB partition for the root partition and then allocate everything else to /home. I would go in to the partition layout tool, in the linux installer and edit the /home path to be /images instead. Then continue on with a normal linux installation.

  • how can we correct it ? I want all available size to go to /images directory.

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    @mpatel Well from the df-h command it shows that you have 192GiB of space assigned (mounted over) to /home. So your /images is connected to your root partition which is only 50GiB in size.

    While I don’t know what instructions you used, I might suspect that the fog-home device should have been mounted over /images and not /home to provide storage for your images.

    What I see from your dh -h your the FOG dashboard is seeing your file systems correctly.

  • this is what i was talking about. screenshot of fog dashboard.

    we basically want maximum possible size for /images directory 0_1534462420539_Fog.PNG so we can store more images there.

  • Here is screenshot. 0_1534462227786_1.PNG

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    What is the output of these two commands.

    1. lsblk
    2. df -h