SOLVED Join Domain after deploy is not checked on newly registered hosts

  • I have a FOG 1.5-rc2 server that I use for imaging new computers to Windows. The problem I am running into is when I register a new host using the Quick host registration, the checkbox for “Join Domain after deploy” is not checked by default. Since I have my Quick host registration set to deploy a Windows image, the image deploys and the computer is renamed, but it does not join the domain until I log into the FOG UI, look up the host and check the box for “Join Domain after deploy”.

    Is there a way to force FOG to check the “Join Domain after deploy” box for all newly registered hosts?

    Thank you,

  • Moderator

    Can you tell me (sorry a bit too lazy to look) when you quick register a host, does it ask you for a group assignment? If so you could use the persistent group (hack) to create a host template with all of the settings you want by default for new hosts, then when you add the system to a template group, those settings will be copied to the newly registered host.

    The other way I can think how to do this is create a mysql database trigger, to when a new host is added to the hosts table in mysql, the check box is checked in the database. I’m not really in favor of the second part, but it will work if all other choices fail. The template host/persistent group plugin it a bit cleaner approach.