• Hello,

    We are currently using FOG 1.5.4 and it has worked flawlessly (both unicast and multicast) for all of our other model computers.

    We’ve got a couple hundred HP streams that we would like to update with a fresh image but we are currently unable to do so unless it is unicast one after the other.

    The issue is that all of our HPs are being registered with the same host name. If we wipe all hosts and register our first HP name as “1stHP”, when we turn on all of our other HPs they are also already registered as “1stHP”. Is there a way to figure out why this is happening? This is causing issues with our uni-cast and multicast sessions, since only 1 task can be created at a time per host name.

    Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • @jkoch any update?

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    @x23piracy The developers are working on a longer term solution for these roaming install adapter. They put a temporary fix in place by adding in the system’s uuid in with the mac address to make a unique system specific ID. But they found that some computer manufacturers either don’t set the uuid or they set the uuid the same for each model. If I remember correctly the 1.6 branch was targeted for the updated logic to create a unique system ID not related to the mac address. But its been a while since we last discussed it.

  • @jkoch you can only use multiple usb nic‘s or dock‘s if you want actions at the eame time. Fog is depending on a unique network connection to work and as you may know any network connection is mac based.

    I don‘t know different tricks except booting a fos usb stick that may can use the unique wlan mac of each stream… @george1421 is there a solution with sticks to use wlan for imaging?

    But whats the price between a cheap usb nic against a good usb stick? 😉 and you may dislike preparing the working fos image and burning it on multiple usb sticks 😉 the cheapest usb nic i found is about 3€

    Also, since the stream has no nic the usb nics will not be just waste, give em out to the poor students they may like wired connections 😜

    Regards X23

  • @x23piracy That makes sense. I didn’t even think to consider that there is no NIC… Is there any work around to this issue? That is exactly what happens. Once the first HP is registered through the full registration option, upon getting to the fog interface on the second HP it says the Host has already been registered (under the 1st HPs name)

  • The HP Stream do not have it’s own nic, the only possible reason for me could be the usage of the same usb nic or same usb dock that will offer the same mac to any of that streams. @jkoch what if you boot to the fog pxe menu after registering the first stream with a second one, is the menu telling you that this host is already been registered?

    Regards X23

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    Your issue is a bit confusing to me. What exactly is being duplicated is it the mac address or the host name. If its the host name, how is 1stHP being assigned? Do these devices have a built in ethernet adapter you are using for imaging, or are you using some kind of external pluggable device?