SOLVED Images folder mounted to new partition

  • Hi all,

    Using FOG has been the first time I’ve touched Linux, so please bare with me if all this seems very stupid…

    Our FOG was built on a virtual machine. We ran out of space so I looked into extending it.

    I ended up just mounting a new, bigger partition to the /Images folder. ( simply: mount /dev/sda3 /images and then I added permissions for everybody via chmod a+rwx /images)

    This seemed to be working OK. Since then, I’ve rebooted the FOG VM and now my Images folder is empty. I’ve mounted the drive back to it, which it still remains empty. I can see space has been used on the drive though.

    What shocks me more is I can still deploy Images?? On the web interface it clearly states an image is stored in /images/Dell7020 however I can’t find this folder ANYWHERE.

    Does anybody know how I can clean this mess up?

    Many thanks,

  • Moderator

    @stucraster I have a tutorial around moving your imaging files off the root partition here:

    Usefull commands are lsblk to show block devices (i.e. storage devices) and df -h to show mounted disks.