SOLVED FOG 1.5.4 - Mac OSX Sierra Basics

  • Hello FOG Community,

    I’m currently at a school deployment trying to get FOG (fresh install) to work with our Mac fleet. We’re planning on imaging MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and iMacs. It’s been a few years since I’ve actively worked with FOG so I’ve set it up using Fedora 28 Workstation and running 1.5.4 on it.

    I’ve been trying to search the forums for the best way to pull up the PXE menu. I assume (due to Sierra) that an external USB is the best way to go, but I cannot find any guide/walkthrough using the new version(s).

    I’m sorry in advance if this has been covered in another post/thread, just came back to using this (awesome) product.

    Thank you guys.

  • @louis-csusa @George1

    Hi Louis,

    George1421 created a great post, scroll down to part 2a. You will see the info you need. I added George Incase there’s any new info. Maybe Fog will support APFS? Since I seen reports that Clonezilla can imaged using DD. Also this usb script does not support the new T2 15inch MacBook Pro keyboard. However using a usb hub to connect an usb Ethernet, keyboard I was able to pxe boot and register it. Please note you will need to disable secured boot on an T2 chip Mac.