• General question for understanding.

    Dear all.
    We are looking for a tool to create images from computers and store them centrally and also to deplay from there
    I heard that FOG is working with PXE.
    We already have a programm that uses PXE to deploy windows Installation and software packages.

    Is it possible to use FOG with a specific preconfigured IP and not with a general PXE broadcast call so that the clients where we want to take an image from, not connect to the wrong system ?

    It would also be fine if i need to boot the systems from an usb stick to start e preconfigured software to take the image and store it on a network attached store.

    thank you all for a feedback.

    cool greetings

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    We have a method where we can boot into fog from a usb stick. Its mainly used for debugging purposes (and MAC computers) but it should work for your request.

    Here are the instructions for setting this up: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/7727/building-usb-booting-fos-image

    Pay attention to the requirements and the caveats of booting this way. You will loose some functionality of FOG that is delivered through the iPXE boot menu, but imaging is surely possible booting from a usb stick.

    Look at the forum chat bubble for a bit more info.