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    I’m currently using a Lenovo Ideapad Z510, been two days tinkering the laptop to boot from network using FOG and still it doesn’t boot up to network. I haven’t found any reliable source about how to configure this laptop to boot from network. I’m still getting an issue “DHCP failed, hit ‘s’ for iPXE boot”. I’m currently using the latest version of FOG 1.5.4 version and kernel used is 4.15.2.


  • @george1421 oh ok i see, thank you so much george, i will test this one

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    @kguevarra So this is in bios mode, the default ipxe kernel is undionly.kpxe. This kernel uses the built in undi driver in the nic. Try and switch the ipxe kernel to ipxe.kpxe. This will use the native built in ipxe network driver instead of the undi driver built into the network card. There is also a realtek specific ipxe kernel, but the name escapes me a the moment.

  • @george1421 , Hello George, thanks for replying for my post. Yes, i think this laptop should need an update since it’s a very old laptop and we just needed to capture the image so that we can put it on another laptop with newer specs of hardware. I’m using legacy mode to boot up the laptop and also uses the default iPXE kernels.

    I’m using the lan ethernet adapter (realtek version)…

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    Your issue (currently) is with the iPXE boot kernel not the FOS kernel (4.15.2).

    I guess the first suggestion I have is to make sure your firmware is up to date on the Lenovo. We have seen many Lenovo systems come out with faulty firmware, where an update sometimes addresses the issue.

    Also lets assume you are trying to boot the ideapad in uefi mode. You may need to try different iPXE kernels, if you typically use ipxe.efi try snponly.efi and see if that will pick up the IP address better than ipxe.efi.

    Also just for clarity what ethernet adapter are you using with your ideapad?