Dell Optiplex 7460 compatibility

  • Has anyone recieved one of the new Dell Optiplex 7460 AIO computers and been able to boot to FOG? I am getting an issue failing to get an IP via DHCP. I know we are behind in versions, we are on 1.3.5. I’m assuming that our kernel is too old for the new chipset that Intel is using.

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    The kernel has nothing to do with initial iPXE boot though, the iPXE binaries are only updated through updating all of FOG.

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    If you see an issue when creating the disk partitions, where it takes 3-5 minutes just to create the partitions, drop your kernel back to 4.15.2 and see if that both boots the 7460 as well as creates the disk partitions like normal.

  • I just updated the kernel to 4.17.0 and it is working great now… actually seems like iPXE is much faster.

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