SOLVED Way to force image replication?

  • My apologies if this has been addressed - I wasn’t able to find an immediate answer to my question when I searched the forums.

    Is there a way to manually force replication? (or, can the feature be added?)

    I know replication is on a schedule but it would be nice to not have to wait 10 minutes if a manual option was available.
    Additionally (or in my case) it would be nice to click a button and run a manual replication task should it get hung up or cease to perform the replication task (for whatever reason)

    A reboot would reset any hung process but if I had running tasks, a reboot really isn’t viable.


  • Senior Developer

    What version of FOG are you running? The simplest method to enforce a replication to begin again is to simply restart the FOGImageReplicator service.

    For most this is accomplished by doing: sudo systemctl restart FOGImageReplicator, similarly Snapin Replication would be: sudo systemctl restart FOGSnapinReplicator.

    There is currently no way to force a replication to begin via the GUI. This is because the services are at the linux level and run on boot up as root. These FOG Services (FOGImageReplicator, FOGSnapinReplicator, FOGPingHosts, FOGSnapinHash, FOGScheduler, FOGMulticastManager, FOGImageSize) run separately from the GUI environment. That said, you can adjust the times that these cycle via the GUI, and it will receive its information on the next run cycle.