• I’ve been trying to make a snapin for the newest version of Adobe Flash. I’m pushing it out to 32bit XP machines. Originally I just installed it on a machine and made the snapin using installrite, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. After running the snapin and it says it completed successfully it’s not there. I’ve made dozens of successful snapins with this before and this is the first issue I have run into.

    I decided that I would just use the executable that Adobe provides and give it the “-install” option which, according to what I read on their site, should force a silent install mode. I believe, however, that the option does not work with version 11. Has anyone had any similar issues, and if so, what did you do to resolve it? I have around 350 machines that I need to deploy this to fairly soon.

  • That is a ridiculously simple and awesome solution, thanks!

  • Developer

    Use the msi installer version instead that way you can pass the standard msi switches to it (i.e /qn). works a treat 🙂