SOLVED Help! my FOG server is not deploying to the boot drive, which is breaking my raid configs.

  • Rather than deploy the image to the drive with windows stored upon it, it appears to randomly select a drive to deploy to.

    I’m running machines with a standalone boot drive (C:) coupled with a tri SSD raid 0 setup (D:).

    So every time I use the FOG Server it breaks the Raid 0 by deploying the image to one of the SSD’s within the raid. It never used to do this so I’m sure it’s just a setting that I’m missing as I have recently updated the FOG’s firmware.

    I was under the impression the FOG server could distinguish between which drive contained windows when deploying an image as I’m sure it used to function in this manner.

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  • @george1421 Hi George,

    The issue was fixed, need to test it on more machines to make sure it’s a global a fix, but after isolating the boot drive using debug mode it appears to be deploying to the correct drive. I used /dev/sda2 as my host primary disk.

    I’ve attached a photo of the drives available to the fog.

    I’ll! keep you updated on this and thanks !


    ![0_1532333097996_IMG-1096.JPG](Uploading 100%)

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    @billabos I don’t fully understand your current system configuration. Will you do the following steps and show me the configuration as FOS sees it?

    1. Schedule another deploy session, but this time before you schedule it, tick the debug box then schedule the task.
    2. PXE boot the target computer, after a few enter key presses it will drop you to a linux command prompt.
    3. (these next two steps aren’t required but will make your life easier. From the FOS command prompt key in ip addr show and detect the IP address of the target computer.
    4. Set root’s password with passwd Just give it a simple password like hello. By doing this, it will allow you to connect to FOS using putty from a windows computer. It will make copy and pasting the next steps a bit easier.
    5. From the FOS command prompt key in lsblk This command will print out all of the block devices (storage media) that FOS sees. It will be interesting to know what FOS sees as your disk layout.
    6. Post the results back to this forum.

  • @george1421 Thanks for getting back to me! Yes you are right our company machines when built do use Intel RST to create the raid 0.

    The information you gave me has been really helpful and I feel like I’ve made some progress. (Raid no longer destroys its self when an image is deployed) Which is good because they’re a pain to fix.

    however, the fog server still deploys to the raid (D:) rather than the boot drive (C:) if I add /dev/md126 as the primary drive on the host, the image successfully deploys avoiding the raid with no errors, but when the computer reboots it doesn’t actually appear to have done anything. There are no oobe prompts and the desktop remains the same as it did before the deployment.

    I watched the entire process and it deployed exactly as it normally does and didn’t display any errors.

    If you have any ideas that’d be great ! Either way thanks for all the information regardless.

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    For these computers that have a raid 0 setup. What do you have defined as the primary disk in the host definition?

    My bet is that your raid setup is built on the intel rapid store “fake raid” (i.e. hardware assisted software raid) setup, which appear as 3 independent hard drives and only look like a raid setup when the kernel is told to look at them as raid.

    I have a tutorial on how to tell FOS that the disks are a raid setup and not individual disks here: