• Hi Guys,

    I’ve seen you around the forums, and like everyone always says…fog is awesome.

    I got a project at my first IT job in 10 years of deploying a windows image to 300 Dell cart laptops. The laptops suck, but fog has made my job 10000000% easier.

    I was wondering though, if now or in the future, a possibility of retrying a snapin if an error exists? Like for example, now I am deploying around 10 snapins to each machine - and google chrome is notorious for this in my installations, of failing with an error code resembling ‘another installation is already in progress’. this ultimately causes me to reinstall that plugin to the effected machines, but i’m lucky in that I can see the desktop, and see the icon, and make sure it is installed before I wrap it up. on things that are silent and show no output, like a management client (we use crappy centrastage) or java…if it doesn’t show as a program folder in C:\Program files (x86) or just program files…then i’ve no idea its been deployed or not. I can check - but on a host by host basis, not as a group. So if I deploy 10 pieces of software to 30 machines as a group, then 30 more, then 30 more x10…you get the idea.

    Just wondering, or maybe someone as asked.

  • @p4cm4n You could probably use a snapin-pack to deliver the Chrome MSI as well as a powershell script. The powershell script could do a small loop with a maximum of say three iterations. Each time, it can try to install Chrome and then check if it’s installed. If the correct version is installed, exit the loop.