problem with the speed of image capture

  • a problem with computers with a network card Marvel Yukon 88e8057, capture an image size of 70 GB lasts about 3-4 hours. deploy lasts 5 minutes … with computers with network cards realtek no problem …
    What can i do?

  • Senior Developer

    @alex84 reading the post I see no issues with what @Wayne-Workman has asked.

    If indeed capture takes forever but deploy is fast as your post suggests, what is the compression set too? What is the RAM (size/speed)? What is the disk?(ssd/spinner) is the disk good?

  • You read the post … the problem is with the motherboard or with the drivers for the network card Marvell Yukon. I have 60 computers such … and at all this problem …

  • @alex84

    • What is your image compression settings set to? The higher this is, the longer capture takes.
    • Maybe the HDD is failing in the computer you captured from.
    • Maybe it has a bad stick of RAM.
    • Maybe it has a bent/torn/loose/kinked network patch cable.