Recover FOG data from crashed drive

  • I had FOG 0.29 running on a Ubuntu machine (not certain on the version). It appears that the hard drive bit the dust, or at least the OS is toast. It appears that I can still read some files on the drive, so I could possibly recover some things from it. Is there a way I can recover any of my FOG data from that drive or is it unusable at this point?

    What I was hoping I could do is install FOG 0.29 on the rebuilt machine, recover the data from the crashed drive, be certain everything is working, then update FOG to 0.32. That’s my dream anyway.

    Yes I’m trying to avoid re-registering a whole school-full of computers and re-creating several images. Thanks for helping the new guy!

  • Moderator

    If you can mount the drive into another machine running linux, you can probably get to the /images folder and copy your image files.

    For the image definitions, host records, and hardware inventory, you’ll have to locate the fog database files. You need to look on the internet/mysql website about how to restore a database from the data files. On the old drive, the data files will be on /var/lib/mysql/ and you may need all of the files or just the ones in the “fog” subfolder. I’m not sure.

    If you need help setting up a backup process once you get your FOG server back up, just ask.