multiple images with same image path

  • Our production FOG server is from 2014 if i’m not mistaken. And I am trying to replicate a process that we currently have for the old server onto this new updated server. On the old one we have 2 images for one model of computer and they are the master image and a pointer/dummy image. The image path for both of those are pointed to the same place. When I try to replicate it onto this new box running Debian 9 and FOG 1.5.4 I get an error “Image create fail Please choose a different path, this one is already in use by another image.” On the pointer image. I guess my question is, is it possible to have multiple images with the same image path?

    Yes i know it’s convoluted.

    Only reason I ask this is because I want to give them this option if they don’t like my other options.

    Link to another post where i talked more about it.

  • @howtogravity Just manually set it via SQL.

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