Mirror FOG database across two servers

  • I have two FOG servers on two separate networks and I would like to be able to mirror their databases so that way they both have the same PXEboot menu options without me having to manually configure the options on both servers. I already have the images and the tftpboot folders mirrored.

  • @mattf You could separate the fog servers and the database - so that both servers use the same database on a dedicated VM for this purpose. In this scenario, the fog server would not be able to process queries as quickly because each query would need to traverse the network. Another option is you could use MariaDB 10.x Galera to create a database cluster between the two fog servers. Based on my own experiences with both of these things and considering how heavy FOG is on the database, I’d opt for a Galera database cluster to keep the database local to each server. Here is information on that: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/getting-started-with-mariadb-galera-cluster/