[SOLVED] Changed Domain and IP Addressing

  • Running FOG 0.31 on Ubuntu. Just completed a complete network refresh…new IP addressing scheme…new domain name. Now FOG not loading. Went to “Other Information” in GUI and then selected “FOG Settings”. Found and replaced all old IP address references with new IP address and updated DNS IP address as well. When launching FOG get error message that “Failed to connect to DefaultMember”. What steps am I missing? And BTW, I am linux novice so if an command level changes required would appreciate a step-by-step as much as possible. Thanks.

  • OK…thanks…everything appears to be clean and working as expected!

  • Moderator

    If you do not use FOG as a DHCP server that is fine, but you do need to update the existing DHCP server with the new ip address of the FOG server.

    After you have updated all of the relevant places, reboot the FOG server and see what errors you get in the web UI or when trying to image.

  • There was no DHCP server config file on my machine (/etc/dhcpd.conf). Is that a problem?

  • Got it…thanks.

  • Moderator

    look at the wiki article on changing the ip address of the fog server. It’s there and easy to find.