• I’m current unable to create a task. capture or deploy an image. I have registered my device (client) and when i try to start the task im getting the below error.

    DE is the client i named. using centOS 7 fog version is 1.5.4 any suggestions?

  • @tom-elliott DEXTER is the storage group i created. Well after looking in the storage group it was not added in the storage group field, after adding it their it appears to be gathering. I appreciate and thank you sir. I’m sure i will have more coming soon 🙂

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    @snaggel OK I see what’s missing in your setup. Note that you have no storage group defined. Below is the default settings of a new installed fog server. Note that it says the “default” storage group.

    0_1530128062413_All Storage Nodes.png

    Now if you step into the image definition, below is the default for a new image.
    0_1530128115299_New Image.png

    Note that in the image definition it points to a storage group, not a storage node.

    This is where your disconnect is happening. When fog goes to image either the storage group is missing, or there is not a master node associated with the storage group.

  • @snaggel What is “DEXTER”? Can you ensure the image is assigned to the appropriate group implicitly? (I know it shows that it’s correct, but make sure to set the storage group for the image in the image definition, as well as define the “primary” group as needed.)

  • @george1421 ok getting frustrated now. I created a group. made my node the master. when i try to capture an image im getting this.
    Here is the images
    Here is the storage node and Group
    Not sure what im missing here

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    @snaggel In fog terms the only difference between a storage node and a normal mode, is the normal mode install has the fog database. Otherwise the rest of the system is the same.

  • @george1421 ok that makes since. as of now we only have 2 which are not storage nodes. they are normal installs. will that matter?

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    @snaggel Replication only flows one way Storage group master to storage group node. Image replication will never go from the storage node to the master. If you did this, you can manually move the image files with scp or rsync and then update the meta data on the image configuration page.

  • @george1421 ok i will test this out and let you know. lets say i caputre an image from the non master device. will it sync to the master node from the non master node?

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    @snaggel Well you have a few facts wrong here. No problem we can get you on the right path.

    Lets start with some guides:

    1. Each storage group MUST have a master node, even if its the only node.
    2. Images can only be captured to master nodes.
    3. Storage nodes also support pxe booting
    4. The location plugin directs clients to the proper storage node (storage node or master node).
    5. (enabled) Images will replicate from the master node to all storage nodes in the same storage group.
    6. Its possible to have 2 full FOG servers in the same storage group, as long as one is mark the master and the others are marked as storage nodes. (this opens up some interesting features).
    7. All images must be assigned to a specific storage group.

  • @george1421 I removed my storage groups and made nothing the master node. I had a group but i was getting the same error so i removed them and the master node. we will eventually have multiple sites with fog if i get it working correctly been having some issues with PXE but got that resolved, but now this error.

    Let me know. Right now we have just 2 fog servers. we would like to replicate so all of them will have the same image. I heard this was not possible as we would need each one to use the boot feature so a storage node would not work. We were using SCP to transfer the images over to the fog server.

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    lets get some screen shots of your storage groups and your image definition for this target system. Basically the error says that the storage group assigned to the image definition is not valid, maybe the storage group was change or the storage group doesn’t have a master node??