• Hi still learning to use FOG 0.32 in my workplace. I am also new to using linux so any help please take it easy with me.

    Basically i have installed trunk 890 on ubuntu 10.01.04 to test any new features. I just have a few problems.

    1 - I cannot upload any images wes7e, Win7 and xp images in either single partiton or multi partition both fail with the same error:-
    [I]cannot open /proc/partition[/I]

    [I]Fatal error: Unable to locate hard disk[/I]

    2 - In version 0.32 i use capone all the time in this beta version of 0.33 i cannot get capone to install. When i click on installed plugin I get a red box at the top of the screen:-

    [I]FOG DEBUG: FOGPageManager: Class: PlugInManagementPage, Method: installe, Error: Method not found in class, defaulting to index()[/I]

    It might just be a case of something i have done and simply missed any help is appreciated.

    Managed to get the imageing working by going back to the original kernel and not using my custom kernel for Atom processors that works in 0.32. Still cannot get capone to work.

  • This is old, but warrants and update I suppose.

    It’s been fixed for quite some time though.