Merged Inventories

  • We currently run several (more than 12 at this time) Fog Servers in our school district (7000 workstations running Win 7). It works great for imaging, snap-ins and inventory. I am looking for a solution to merge the inventories of the servers for reporting purposes. I would like to pull from the servers and create one large Excel spreadsheet rather than have to pull individual reports and merge them. Any ideas? Thank you!

  • Moderator

    In a separate database import the hosts and inventory tables from all the fog servers. For each table add a new field that contains the server identifier so that host1 from server A can be differentiated from host1 on server B. basically change the index on the hosts and inventory tables from being a single field to be comprised of hostid and serverid. You’ll have to decide on the serverid values and insert them into the reporting tables as you import from each server.

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