Is FOG what i'm looking for , for my server?

  • Hello, sorry for the lazy post , i could’ve just read everything nicely and calmly but with only sundays as the only free day, projects tend to be acomplished in such short time that i don’t even have time to read documentations.

    Anyway here’s my question that it should be easy for anyone with FOG experience to answer.

    I have ESXI installed on a server and running Vm’s, i want to use a PXE deployment system in order for people in a building to access my “isos” and “tools” as well as coloning Harddrives into “images” so they can restore them later (ex. when they want to switch from HDD to SSD, but don’t want to lose their data).

    The isos include not only Windows in various versions, but also hiren’s boot for some technical data, and the more advanced, Super boot CD. the Super Boot CD contains two boots, one bios boot (legacy) and one uefi boot, so it’s like having two seperate boot cd’s into one.

    I have a Synology (xpenology) installed on my system if it helps.

    Also i have several ASD’s (Apple System Diagnostics) that i want to use in netboot (apple’s aproach to pxe , sort of…) is FOG capable of doing this as well? or do i have to use deploystudio ?

    Many thanks in advance and sorry for the lazy thread.

  • @vascomorais Seems like your question has mostly been answered, but I wanted to pipe in on your comment ‘I can ask the forum’. YES! These forums are amazing. There are numerous people(Including senior developers) that will respond quickly and intelligently and assist you with problems you have with the system. I can’t say enough good about this community.

    Hope FOG works for you, it’s been a lifesaver for me and my organization!


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    @vascomorais Either Centos or Debian are the most stable at the moment. Some in the forums can help, other may take some investigation to get working. As long as your computer can reach the internet then you should be able to get FOG installed without any issues on centos.

    Most iso images are intended to boot from the local DVD rom drive. If the booting kernel is programmed to only look on the DVD rom drive (i.e. /dev/cdrom or other physical references) then you may have difficulties to get it to netboot. I just want you to be aware that not all will support net booting.

  • @george1421 i see… if i have an issue i could use the foruns and ask for help
    okay. going to make a centos vm (basic instalation) and fog instalation. should be easy…

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    @vascomorais said in Is FOG what i'm looking for , for my server?:

    can virtually boot from any other iso right

    The results may vary. Just be aware some ISOs don’t support network booting at all. In most cases you can get the iso to boot, but not all.

  • thanks, i looked at the first link and found some examples on how to install the isos on fog in order to make them bootable via pxe, following those examples i can virtually boot from any other iso right?

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    @vascomorais There are two posts you might want to look over for booting the iso images. At this point neither offer all system booting, but they cover a number of systems.

    and this new one under development

    I know people are able to boot and image mac systems with FOG, but I have no experience with them. I can say fog does not support apple’s netbooting natively but can be configured to do so since FOG is built on open source tools.

    If you are supporting both bios and uefi systems then you might want to also look into this wiki page: