UNSOLVED FOG Persistent Groups - How to remove persistent image association?

  • I would like to use Persistent Groups to be able to assign computers to specific OU’s when I am imaging. I do NOT want the image association to be a part of persistent group settings. How do I remove this?

    If I have computername = OU1 ____ set to “ou in AD” ______set to “No image assigned to host”

    This means that my Group OU1 will not have an image assigned to it. Therefore during my Full Host Registration, I will attempt to assign an image to a host, assign group OU1, and then the host image association gets overrided to “No image assigned to host” based on OU1’s persistent settings.

    Anyway to ignore the image part of persistent groups?

  • @vince-villarreal this is the purpose of the persistent groups plugin. When a host is added, the new host will get whatever the template host has defined. This, to my knowledge, only happens when a new host is added. If you add a host to the group, then later edit the host itself, it should retain the new changes regardless of the template, until you remove and readd the host to the group.

  • Yes, so if I leave the template host image association to “Nothing/Blank”, then during my Full Host Registration process I will select an image, then add it to the group.

    Since the group has No image associated, it overrides my image that I selected during the Full Host Registration and now the host does not have an image selected.

    I tested this theory by adding a image1 to PC1, on group PC1.

    Then registering a new computer, selecting a different image (image2) than PC1, and selecting group PC1.

    In the end, the persistent group will overtake my (image2) selection I made during the registration process and assign the host (image1). Same goes for when I leave the template host image Blank, it will make any new host added to the group have no image assigned to it.

  • Moderator

    If you are using the persistent group plugin, that uses a template host definition to copy to the target system, when the target system is added to the persistent group. SO, if your template host does not contain a image reference it should not clear the image reference on the target system.

    Are you suggesting its working otherwise (which maybe possible)?