Using Fog to deploy images with PXE but without a Task or Web Management

  • Hi folks,

    i have a question about the deploment of Win7 with PXE boot.
    Is it possible to deploy the image with the PXE boot Menu, like the memtest or the manual iso files like a boot CD.

    The feature of deployment with tasks is ja nice feature but i need to deploy images to new Computer. In this case, the management web gui is to complicated and is waste to much time, to set up a new PC.

    Thanks a lot if you read this bad in english translated text ;).

  • In short: Yes, you can do this for creating the image, but no its not exactly as you have imagined.
    and No, you can not use this method to deploy images to a host.
    Details: There is an option from the PXE menu that will allow you to do a quick image. But, that is relying on you to have previously created an image and a host.

    If you are intimidated by the web UI, don’t be. It may take a short while to familiarize yourself with the options, but once you understand how to A: create an image and B: Create a host; it is really the best way.

    Personally, I do not auto register my hosts… I manually enter the hostname and image type in the WebUI, then set the task to do all of the rest. Then, once I reboot the host, the imaging begins automatically.

    Everyone here is here to help, so do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
    (and check out some video tutorials)

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    or full host registration and inventory, which gives the option to image the machine after you tell it a few pieces of information.