FOG Offline Install

  • I know this has been discussed several times in the past and that it isn’t a supported option. However this would be a very nice feature for those of us that have air-gapped systems and would like to be able to install onto bare-metal and not use a VM built in an online dev environment and then sneaker-net over.

    I have started testing this and have gotten part of the way through this by downloading the correct binaries file and saving that into the correct location. I can also setup a local repo of any and all necessary rpms so that when the yum install command is executed in the script it won’t have issues locating the files.

    My question is can anyone point me in the general direction of areas to modify to remove the online requirement to install?

    Here are the areas that I know of so far:

    Adding needed repository
    Preparing Package Manager

    remi repository setup

  • I started doing that which is what led me to the remi yum repo setup and the binary file download. At this point I think I am just going to attempt to hack it up so that it will work offline and then later see if I can add a switch to the installation file for an offline mode that checks for the dependencies.

  • @bbebz3 ‘Downloading binaries needed’ here:

    I’d probably recommend you just use a grep -r 'wget' . or grep -r 'curl' . to search for web calls in the installation code.

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