• I made an image of a 80GB hard disk, only 60GB partitioned of this disk. I try to Deploy this image to the same type desktop with also a 80GB hard disk, but I constantly get an error:

    Wrong partition table on /dev/sda c27f

    In host registration I entered the same information as the original host. What am I doing wrong?

  • My guess is that it’s having an issue with the hidden dos partition in the beginning. I’ve had trouble with OEM partitions and Fog, and checking the forums, it looks like other have too.

    Have you had any luck with another image that’s less complex? If a plain vanilla image works captures and deploys ok, then you at least know Fog is set right and working. From there you could try adding an additional partition, capture/deploy, repeat, until you reach a problem and try to troubleshoot from there.

    Other thing I could think of to try if you really need that image with the hidden partitions is to do a RAW image type. I’ve not tried it myself as I don’t have the storage space for such a thing, but I’m wondering if that’d at least get you going for the time being. It’d be a large image file and take a bit longer to capture and deploy, though.

    Anybody else had better luck with multiple partition setups?

  • [quote=“chad-bisd, post: 8750, member: 18”]OS version of the client?
    FOG Version?
    Image type?[/quote]

    OS version of the cliënt is DOS, Windows 98, 2000 and XP.
    There are 4 partitions:
    A small (hided) DOS partition with BootMagic and Ghost. Second partition where BootMagic deploys the image, third partition with DATA on it and a fourth partition (hided) where the images are stored. That’s a little complex.

    FOG version is 0.32 and image type I use Single Disk, Multiple Partitions

  • Is your image type “Multiple Partition - Single Disk” by any chance? I found that when using that type of image, it will only deploy (properly) to a drive that is precisely the same size or larger, regardless of the used space or partitioning. So, if the 80GB drive in the desktop you’re trying to deploy to is from a different manufacturer, it could be a slightly smaller capacity drive than the one you captured the image from.

    If you’re able to use the Single Partition type, I recommend that. Otherwise, my workaround for the Multiple Partition type was to work out which was the smallest capacity drive at the byte level and capture the image from it. Then I could deploy to any other drive.

    If you are using the Single Partition type already, then something else is going on, but I’m not sure what. I’ll see if some more coffee gets my brain working.

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    OS version of the client?
    FOG Version?
    Image type?