Error trying to restore GPT partition tables

  • Hey all, I am trying to deploy an image that was captured from a Dell Latitude 5580, and deploy it to a Dell Latitude 5570. I know that I have done it before, but I am now facing issues.

    The image is set to Single Disk - Resizeable. I am using FOG version 1.5.3 on Ubuntu Server 16.04. After the deployment fails, the FOG web UI updates to say that the image size: ON CLIENT is 0.0 gb. The image size updates after deploying to a 5580. Is there any way to work around or resolve this, or do I simply need to capture an image using the 5570?

    Error trying to restore GPT partition tables (restorePartitionTablesAndBootLoaders)
    Args Passed: /dev/sda 1 /images/image1 9 all
    CMD Tried: sgdisk -g1 /images/image1/d1.mbr /dev/sda
    Exit returned code: 4

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    @fogmbr There probably is a way around this but it will cost us together some time to figure out and I thing the image shouldn’t be used on the 5570 as is anyway. Starting from the different disks (needs different windows drivers) and probably there is other hardware being different that needs to be addressed after imaging manually anyway. My guess is you are way better of capturing a separate image…

  • @sebastian-roth it is a 500gb SSD rather than 512gb. Is there any way around this, or will I just have to capture a separate image for deploying to 5570’s?

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    @fogmbr Probably the 5570 has a smaller disk? Possibly just a few sectors less. This together with a complicated partition layout can easily cause an issue.

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