Just fired up my FOG server for the latest round of system upgrades

  • HI,
    Fired up my old FOG vm - last used over a year ago - updates as per usual to the latest version (GIT) - looked at my old data/images etc and it seems to have lost the images i previously created ! - also all the workstations i registered and imaged with fog the last time have disappeared
    either :-
    a) i am going senile and moved/deleted the images
    b) something has happened between the older version and the new upgrade ?

    I checked the VM and looked at the hdd directly - still no images.

    Is there anyway to check the previous configuration to verify where i may have put images (i can’t remember using anything but the default location)

    Any suggestions to resolve this greatly appreciated…

  • Thanks - i have discovered there is an issue between the keyboard and chair at my workstation - i have 2 imaging servers - and i obviously fired up the wrong one. all is now well . disregard !

  • Moderator

    A FOG update would never delete any images and shouldn’t lose any database info (it creates a backup during update just in case something goes wrong anyway).

    /opt/fog/.fogsettings should have your image location in it. Alternatively on the Web GUI under your main storage node.

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