• I am using FOG 1.5.4 and have been having various issues, some I’ve created, some that FOG created. I do not trust the database in my current production VM so I have felt the need to start from scratch.

    In order to save time, is there a way to “bulk” add hosts? It’s getting pretty tiresome to add them at each seat. IMHO, that would be a great feature to add to FOG, the ability to, say, upload a CVS and having the hosts automatically populated.

    Anyway, near as I can tell from the database, all I would have to do is populate the hosts table with hostName, hostImage, and then put the correct host id in the hmID field and MAC address in the hmMAC field and set to ‘1’ the hmPrimary field in the hostMAC table.

    Would that do it?

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    @aschaffer What do you mean by “needs to be touched”?

    By the way, this topic is years old and you might want to create a new one and post all your specific details there like version and a detailed description…

  • @tom-elliott each host still needs to be touched to initiate deployment. please tell me there’s a way.

  • @librarymark For hosts, the CSV must contain:


    If you want to add multiple MAC Addresses, the format would be:

    (The macs are separated by a | symbol.)

  • @quazz
    Oh, so the feature already exists! Wonderful! Thanks!

    How do I mark this as solved?

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    You can import a csv file with a list of your hosts (left side menu under hosts -> Import Hosts)

    Export your current list so you can see the formatting needed. (or if you have the old server still around, you can export that list)