Multiple MAC in Pending mac list

  • Hi all !

    I use fog 1.5.3 / Ubuntu

    I’m currently deploying the FOG client in all my computers.

    I have looked several times at the “Pending mac list”, without really paying attention, and i have approve the entire list various times.
    A few second later a have the same mac who come back so… i look and i have client who have more than 70 macs !!!
    2,3,… 5 why not but then it starts to do a lot… :)

    This problem exists on some clients and if i look on one of then, obviously, i don’t have so much macs… !

    Do you have an idea of ​​what’s going on ?


  • Ok perfect !

    I found the option in some computers but some other i don’t… i will look for why, certainly a windows update version problem…

    Thanks for your help !

    Now i must clean the database ! :)

  • Moderator

    @laurentb Yes this can be turned off. You need to do this on each machine (if it currently is enabled)

    Settings->Network & Internet->Wifi->Random hardware addresses->Use random hardware address = off

  • Yes , all in windows 10…

    Did you know if i coud disable this funcion ???
    4 or 5 mac all the 10s… in one month my database will explose ! :(

  • Moderator

    To elaborate on what George said:

    This functionality exists in Windows 10 for WiFi connections (Settings -> Network -> WiFi -> Advanced) for vaguely stated security reasons. It’s enabled by default on public connections I think. (Windows 10 by default assumes connections to be public for unknown reasons)

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    Are these windows 10 clients? If so Win 10 has a “feature” to enable dynamic mac addresses. This is done for security ( ?? ) reasons. The pending macs view are for fog client detected mac address. Where the fog client reports in to the fog server the mac addresses it detects on its network interfaces. I use a Linux Mint computer at the moment so I can’t direct you to the exact location of this switch in the Win10 gui, but it should be around the network settings.

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