No internet for domain users

  • So I imaged multiple computers with no issues Windows 10 is registered as well as office using sysprep FOG server changed the computer name and joined the domain again no issues administrator account can browse internet no problem. Domain users cannot open any websites they can ping them and that is it I am hoping someone has seen this issue before it seems like a permission issue but I cannot find the cause of the issue. Hoping this is an easy fix any help would be appreciated everything else works for the domain users like word, excel, etc. Thanks in advance.

  • Ok found the issue grabbed the wrong windows image and the answer key is for the latest windows 7 build which is what caused all the issues its now working.

  • Update ok one thing I have noticed in task manager when I open the browsers even though it shows only one open in task manager it shows anywhere from 3 to 11 open something makes me think I have seen this before but can’t find a solution anywhere.

  • Edge, IE11, Firefox and Chrome all have the same issue it’s like a security policy in place blocking internet and only on Windows 10 machines all others are Windows 7 with no issues.

  • What browser are you using? Just asking because I’ve had an issue where Edge alone flakes out after an image. It’s not a FOG issue, I’m thinking corrupt profile, not sure.

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