Example/template for a service deployed as snapin

  • I found examples for the msi snapin deployment and some hints for exe-files.
    Is there some template code where I can see what I have to do when I want to deploy a windows-service with fog. The executable is huge …

  • Its a windows-service executable (exe) which I have to call with arg /install to install it.
    Normaly I would install this by hand in the mother-image I deploy to all clients. But the development of that service delays, so I have to postpone that installation.
    Before the install-call of the executable I have to remove the write-lock of the partition, means I have to call another system-executable in advance. After a successful installation I want to reboot.
    The SW is an cmake based development. I have no cmake configs which created a Visual Studio deployment project (msi - even if an msi would be good for doing this … I have my doubts) so I have to create this afterwards in the Visual Studio. That is not a good attempt at all, no other co-worker will accept that sh***. So I am looking for an easy-going way … maybe WiX will get it. I have to read the docs, but if anybody has some better suggestions, please tell me.

  • @jla Can you describe how you would manually install this service? What sort of installer? What software? Any command line arguments or silent deployment options available?