Fog Server not responding after Snapin Jobs

  • Hi there, i have a Fog Server on Ubuntu 14.04 running, it must be the latest Trunk Release from FOG

    THis morning i placed a couple of heavy large Snaping Jobs ( an sfx setup file up to 4GB) to run on 15 Machines, since that my Fog webend isn’t responding anymore. So what can i do now to clear this Snapin Jobs i think they will slow down my Fog Server?! even after whole Ubuntu Server restart, the Fog Server isn’t responding over the WEb Frontend

    Even on the Client Machines they got connection Time Out when FOG Windows Client tryin to connect

  • @timo You can restart apache2, the effects won’t last long though. When you can get into the web gui, you should go to Storage Management -> your storage node -> Max Clients and set this to something like 1 or 2. This will limit how many snapins run at once - and will allow your fog server to operate normally while the snapins run.

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